Mr. Yuan has been involved in mathematical Olympiads and physics education for over 30 years, nurturing numerous outstanding students. In the Greater Vancouver area, nearly half of the top mathematics students are from Vancouver Olympiad School. Since the establishment of the educational center, Mr. Yuan’s school has had more than 360 individuals achieve perfect scores or championships in various Canadian mathematics competitions. Every year, at least 10 or more students qualify for the AIME/USAMO or CMO.

The school also has several experienced and highly skilled teachers who teach mathematics competitions as well as regular school mathematics and physics/physics competitions.

Specialties: Mathematical Olympiads, mathematics competitions, mathematics fundamentals + AP/IB + mathematics and physics competitions.

Features: Mathematical Olympiad, Mathematics Competition, Mathematics Foundation + AP/IB + Mathematics and Physics Competition

友情链接 (温哥华理科私立学校):https://www.visst.ca

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