Latest results announced (last updated: April 2022)

Congratulations the 2022 USAMO Winners:

Gold Award Winner: Warren Bei

Silver Award Winners: Kaixin Wang, Jason Fang

Congratulations to CMO 2021 Champion Warren Bei !

Warren has earned this year’s Canadian Mathematical Olympiad Cup and $2,000 cash!

Warren also won Matthew Brennan Award for Best CMO solution!

Warren is the youngest CMO Champion in the histroy.


For AMC 10/12 this year (2021), we have 25 students who excelled in the contest and entered into AIME (American Invitational Examination). Of those 21 AIME qualifers, three are only grade 7.

Congratulations to Winners of 2019 Math challengers Provincial Final
Grade Eight Round
Kevin Liu: 1st Place
Edward Lai: 2nd Place
Kiran Sun: 4th Place
Derek Li: 7th Place
Jason He: 9th Place
(all the winners above are only grade 6 or 7)

Grade Nine Round

Warren Bei: 1st Place
Andrew Kang: 2nd Place
Kevin Yan: 8th Place
Simon Zhu: 10th Place

It needs to mention that Warren Bei is only grade 5. He got perfect score and it is the only perfect score in all 3 grades.

Grade 10 Round:
Kaixin Wang: 2nd Place
Karen Situ: 3rd Place
Harry Jiang: 7th Place

Math Challengers is the math contest for top math students in BC.

news (Jan 2019):

Our students won 1st, , 2nd and 3rd places Canada and all of the first five places BC in AMC 8 contest

Congratulations to Waren Bei,  DerekLi, Kiran Sun (top threes Canada)! 

congratulations to Edward Lai and Alec Situ  (4th and fifth places BC)


News Devember 2018:

Congratulation to Alvin Zhou (PW) for being admitted to Harvard University (eraly admission)! 

Congratulation to Louie Lu (St. Georges) for being admiitted to Yale University (Early admission) !

Congratulation to Samuel Gan (WPG)for being admitted to University of Pennsylvania (eraly admission Wharton School)! 

Congratulation to Bonnie Wang (Collingwood)being admitted to CMU (Early admission) !


2017/2018 COMC(Canadian Open Math Challenge):We have outstanding achievement:Of 9 BC Champions, 5 are our students. Six of our students qualified for CMO.

2018 AMC 10/12 Achievement: 10 students qualified for AIME。

2018 AMC 8—Seven of our students are on Distinguished Honor Roll(Total of 12 in BC)

2018 ELmacon (PIMS math contest): Our student continued last year’s splendid success:Five top-tens for Grade 7,We won 1st, 2nd and 3rd; Five top-tens for Grade 6, won all top-three; 1st, 4th and 7th for grade 5 written contest. (Elmacon is the hardest elementary math contest in Canada)

2018 Math Talent contest: We 75% of all medals(G4 and up)。

BC High School contest(Langara Sitting):We won all Junior grades Prizes and first and second Prize for Grades。(under construction)


2016年BC High School Math Contest (LangaraSitting): We won all prizes of both Junior and senior contests!

2016 Elmacon (Hardest Elementary School Math Contest in Canada):

6 students won top-tens:

Edward Lai, Kevin Liu, Felix Qin, Simon Zhu, Liu Jiayi and Richard Chen;

16 studetns won top 25

2016 BC Math Challengers Regional,about 30 schools in 4 different pools participated,13 of our students won top-tens in 4 pools:

Alvin Zou (1st) Carnell Zou (1st)Andy Kim(1st)

Usher Li (2nd); Samuel Gan, James Tai, George Huang, Zhenshu L, Sam Z, Angela Z, Garry X, Charles X, Sam S。

4 students won top-tens in Provincial。

Alex You and Alvin Zou qualified for USAMO (only 4 studetns in BC);

2016年Canadian Math League, 本社学生一如往年获得优异成绩。 拿下全国4个第1名, 及众多BC省前10。


Felix Q, Neil S 和Kiran S 并列全国第1名。

Terry L,BC省第4名(全国第6名 )

Derek L and Jordan L 并列BC省第5名(并列全国第10名)

Alex B,BC省第8名


Amanda Q BC省第七名


Jeff Z ,全加拿大第一名

Zhen Shu L,BC省第三名 (全国第六名)

Justin L,BC省第四名( 全国第十名 )

James T,BC省第四名(全国第十名)

George H,BC省第七名

Selwyn G,BC省第八名

Carnell Z,BC省第八名

2016年数学大王比赛, 总共有19位学生获奖, 其中:

Kiran 摘得4年级组第1名,Richard 荣获5年级组第1名,Derek 荣获3年级第2名, Jenny 摘得6年级组第1名。

一等奖:Kiran S,Derek L,Jenny L 和Edward L

二等奖: Kevin L,Allen H,Richard C 和Alex A

三等奖:Max L,Derek W,Simon Z ,Yvonne X,Angela Z,Katrina S,Rita Z,Tommy C,Jay X,Eric T 和Amelie Zhao