Past achievements

See “”Latest Results”” every year after 2016

2015 BC Provincial High School Mathematics Competition (LanSitting), our students won all the medals in the junior high school and high school competitions!

In 2015, BC Math Challenger (Math Challenger Contest-B.C. 8th and 9th grade top students’ competition), 4 of the top 5 in the 8th grade round are our students, we won the first, third, fourth and fifth place, Brilliant results! One of our students won full marks in grade 9 round.

HS Math League Contest, 4 six consecutive full-point students in Canada, 2 of them are students of the society. In the sixth grade, 7 of the top ten in BC are students of the society; 5 of the top nine in the seventh grade of BC are students of the society, and Jeff Zhang won Full score. Three of the top nine in the eighth grade are students of the club.

Seven students entered the US AIME, of which Jeff Zhang was only 12 years old. Two entered the Asia Pacific Olympics and the Canadian Olympics.

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